February 11. Working with an engineer from SprintSprint Cellular, Tsutomu is able to determine that Mitnick has tampered with a GTE telephone switching system in Raleigh to mask his location. The fugitive is using a cellular telephone and a modem to try to hide himself. However by comparing database records from Netcom with phone calls made from the cellular system, the Tsutomu and the engineer are able to pin down Mitnick's location to a particular cellular telephone site in Raleigh.

February 12. Tsutomu flies to Raleigh where he is met by two Sprint Cellular engineers. That night, with one of the engineers, he drives to the cell site and after midnight they pick up a phone call being made by Kevin Mitnick. With one of the engineers, Tsutomu drives through the Raleigh suburbs and by using cellular telephone diagnostic equipment are able to pin down Mitnick's physical location to the wing of an apartment complex about a mile from the Raleigh airport.