sent february 15th at six fifty-two am

hi, it is i again, tsutomu, my son.
i just want to tell you, very important,
very important:
all these phone calls you received with uh,
making reference to kung fu movies?
nothing to do with any computer thing whatsoever.
just a little, uh, interesting call.
i see now that this is getting too big, way too big.
i want to tell you, my son, that these have nothing to do
with any computer, activities whatsoever.
just, making fun of kung fu movies.
thats it, thats it.
and making reference to, uh,
you know trying to make a reference to,
putting kung fu movies into, the,
into a computer, reference.  thats it.
nothing to do with any, mitnick, hacking, anything.
nothing.  i tell you, it was just a interesting call,
thats it.
all coincidence.
this is getting too big,
and nothing wrong has been done by anybody who left
any messages,
on your voice mail.
just to let you know.  OK?
its getting way too big.

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