This is a posting by Lewis De Payne, a friend of Kevin Mitnick's. Of particular note is the reference in the .sig to Kathleen Carson.

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erik@bigmama.hacktic.nl stopped to think, then wrote:
:    The first known attack using the new technique took place 
:    on Dec. 25 against the computer of a well-known computer 
:    security expert at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

It happened at the San Diego SuperDuper Computer Center.  Remember that.

:    The flaw, which has been known as a theoretical possibility to
:    computer experts for more than a decade, but has never been
:    demonstrated before, is creating alarm among security experts
:    now because of the series of break-ins and attacks in recent weeks. 

The so-called "experts" knew of the "theoretical flaw" for more than a
decade, and didn't do anything about it on their own systems... They
were obviously willing to gamble.  Sometimes you roll snake-eyes.

:    The weakness, which was previously reported in technical papers
:    by AT&T researchers, was detailed in a talk given by Tsutomu
:    Shimomura, a computer security expert at the San  Diego Super-
:    computer Center, at a California computer security seminar
:    sponsored by researchers at the University of California at
:    Davis two weeks ago. 

Bingo.  It happened at the San Diego SuperDuper Computer Center, and
this Tsunami "windbag" Shimomoto who works at SDSCS gives a talk on it.
How much do you want to bet that this is the self-proclaimed "expert"
who was too lazy to practice what he preaches.  Is this an expert?

:    Mr. Shimomura's computer was taken over by an unknown attacker
:    who then copied documents and programs to computers at the 
:    university of Rochester where they were illegally hidden on
:    school computers.

I'm surprised that Special Agents from the FBI didn't obtain a search
warrant for the University of Rochester, with Justin Petersen as the
affiant, and CONFISCATE the University's computer system in much the
same was as they do other businesses.

What was on Mr. "Neboken-ja neyo" Shimomoto's computer?  Isn't the
SDSCS funded by the taxpayers?  Is this guy scared now because the
perpetrator(s) might make his GIF files public?

:    Internet veterans also expressed anger at the new style of attack
:    because it would cause many organizations to strengthen their
:    security systems, thus making the network less convenient and less 
:    useful.

What a pity - having to fix the problem.  Can you imagine that?  Now
I understand how companies like GM can sometimes decided to pay the
lawsuits instead of correct the problem.

:    "These guys are striking the basis of trust that makes the 
:     network work," Mr. Ranum said, "and I hate that." 

Yes - having to work for a living is a bitch, isn't it.

PS - You can bet the "big boys" are involved in investigating this one,
     and that JC Penney is starting to run out of perma-press blue suits.

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